Cortese - Automatic Machine for Textile Industry

Model 846-15

  • Inspection, semi-boarding and drying for man socks
  • Inspection, semi-boarding and drying for man socks.


    • 20 aluminium movable forms with intermittence settled cycle installed on 10 pallets. Max length of forms 980 mm.
    • Pallets movement system (patented) based on operation of form-moving pushers.
    • Drying chamber and semi-boarding with a patented infrared system. Temperature adjustable through thermo-regulators; max. temperature to reach 400 C°. Capacity 2 forms (1 pallet).
    • Electric press with mechanical closing device: patent pending system of resistances rub/silicon granting an enhanced energy performance with low consumption. Press covered by fireproof material Nomex. Max temperature to reach 260 C°.
    • Mirror placed near the loading station allowing a complete inspection of the product by the operator.
    • Forms changeover with manual release allowing an easy substitution of the forms.
    • Length control through laser system.
    • Automatic stripping device with rollers to press the socks
    • Touch-screen with intuitive user interface directing the operator throughout all the phases concerning machine set-up. Working parameters for different products should be memorized and recalled easily by the user. Integrated diagnostics system.

    PLC for electronic control of all the functions concerning full-boarding process.

    Steel structure of the machine subjected to a process of thermo-hardening painting RAL 7035.


    • Stacker unit with mechanical movement; the product is picked up and then placed on a conveyor belt and stacked in a programmable number.
    • Model 846/15 with double electric press; it is possible to add an additional electric press substituting infrared drying chamber.
    • Electronic length control of the product.

Technical Specification




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