Cortese - Automatic Machine for Textile Industry

Model 819

  • Automatic  boxing machine for seamless body-garments
  • Automatic boxing machine for seamless body-garments

    A high speed automatic boxing machine (50 boxes/min), designed to package pre-folded seamless body-garments in paperboard boxes. The box is picked up from the storage unit, opened, and positioned in the feeding combs. By means of a printer it is possible to print bar code, size, colour, model, etc. directly on the box. In the following phase, a pusher introduces the product into the box. In the next phase, the box is tucked in and closed, and if required, a self adhesive label with barcode, colour or size could be applied. Once ejected, as an option, three boxes could be stacked and introduced into a containment tray.

    The machine is fully adjustable for several kinds of formats.

Technical Specification




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