Cortese - Automatic Machine for Textile Industry

Model 796

  • Automatic boxer for pantyhose
  • Automatic boxer for pantyhose.

    Automatic boxer for packaging pantyhose from envelope-packaging machines or folding machines. The box case to be produced is similar in shape to those used far Compact Discs. The main feature of this machine is its use of boarded carton blanks that are suitably shaped and with pre-glued strips with or without a pantyhose view window. The case is formed by means of shaping of the blanks. with the combined action of a vertical pusher through a hopper.

    There are two alternatives for closure of the case:
    – only with “hot melt” glue
    – with “hot melt” glue and reverse tuck end folds.

    The high-capacity blanks store consists in a motorized belt on which the operator deposits one or more stocks of cartons. When the stock being utilized for pickup is depleted. The belt automatically loads the stock on hold. This permits a considerably long operating time for the machine, freeing the operator from continuous subjection to the same.
    This system permits the use of cartons with a low basic weight

    Total compatibility for direct linkage with our full-boarding and packaging lines.
    – Thermoplastic printer for stamping of the bar code, size, colour, etc., directly on the case.
    – Electronic printer with infrared stamp head.

Technical Specification




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