Cortese - Automatic Machine for Textile Industry

Model 684

  • High-output automatic machine for inspection and fullboarding of pantyhose on solid form
  •  High-output automatic machine for inspection and fullboarding of pantyhose on solid forms (straight or with foot forms) equipped w;rh double robot for automatic transfer of the pantyhoses onto the forms. This device permits considerable time-saving in the duration of the cycle as it frees the operator from excessive perfection in loading the forms. The perfea and accurate tentering of the hosiery on the forms is ensured by automatic device with self-regulating moving pincers, which makes it possible to obtain uniform and optimal fUll-boarding of the pontyhoses resulting in considerable improvement in production quality.

    The machine includes a station for loading the produa on the robot with hollow forms (tubular) for transparent inspection, a station for the transfer of the pantyhoses from the robot to solid forms, a pantyhoses- tentering station, a watertight chamber autoclave to let in steam under pressure, two hot-air drying zones, complete with 6 fans that can cutin automatically according to the moisture level of the pontyhoses and their weight, a station for pantyhose removal from the forms with exiting on a motorized oscillating belt This model is supplied complete with a computer which through the setting of the data pertaining to the produa to be handled, automatically adjusts steam pressure, drying temperature, operating cycle duration and tentering of the forms.

    The monitor displays any operating malfunctioning, along with a description of how to restore proper functioning (autodiagnosis).

    Total compatibility for direa linkage with our packaging lines.


    – Pantyhoses collection bar (at the exit station)

    – Steam intake and conveyance.

Technical specification



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