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Closer to our customers than ever

Cortese S.r.l. has always kept up with the times by committing to state-of-the-art technology. To maintain this high standard, it is paramount to renew that commitment every year, introducing technological innovations with the final goal of increasing productivity and improving the quality of the production processes.

Given the sharp increase in the amount of international contacts in the recent years – from South America, Oceania, Africa, Asia, the United States, and, of course, Europe –  Cortese S.r.l. is increasing its efforts to make use of all the tools that facilitate and improve the contact with customers and agents all over the world. Thus, through the means granted by technology, the company is able to stay close to customers throughout every phase: from the sale to the training in the use of machines, all the way to after-sales assistance.

One of the latest innovations introduced for this aim ranks as one of the most effective technologies in the field of distance communications: Cisco WebEx Team, which Cortese S.r.l. uses for teleconferences worldwide.

Cisco WebEx Team has a simple interface, while at the same time being very useful. It’s a system that allows to connect people located in different physical places through a single virtual space, where one can have meetings and video calls, but also simultaneously write on virtual boards, send messages, exchange documents and videos, thus sharing any type of file and tool in real time.

Cortese offices are equipped with a Cisco Webex Board, a smart environment-sharing system with a touch-screen, which makes any type of file available anywhere and at any time. The Webex features a powerful 4K resolution camera that captures images in real time at high resolution and projects them at a wide-angle, allowing for the view of the entire room. The audio quality is excellent: sound is calibrated, clear, and clean, particularly thanks to the 12 microphones featured in the Cisco system. This allows for a perfect recording of all the participants’ voices, regardless of where they sit in the room. An all-encompassing system of this kind, and of such excellent quality, renders the physical distance that separates the people in front of different monitors almost null.

Hence, Cortese S.r.l. doesn’t just have experienced technicians ready to personally provide assistance in every part of the world, from the installation of the machines to the scheduled maintenance, but also offers the possibility of having direct contact with the headquarters in Italy at any time. This is an additional service that provides more value to the customers, while allowing Cortese to be always close to the needs of the market.

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