Cortese - Automatic Machine for Textile Industry

About Us

Company profile

The Cortese s.r.l.‘s history starts at the end of the 60’s in SASSO MARCONI near BOLOGNA. The company starts with the production of automatic machines for different uses: food, paper, publishing, textiles and others. During the 80’s, the Company gradually became specialized in the manufacture of textile machines for hosiery industries. Cortese became leader in the textile field showing increase revenue year after year. Having outgrown its Sasso Marconi facility, Cortese build a new factory of more than 12.000 square meters located in via del Faggiolo (in Bologna’s western outskirts) near the airport.


In the textile field, where the profit margin measure frequently in cents, new technologies have a direct and remarkable impact on costs saving. This is one of CORTESE’s main advantages; each year the company invests considerable resources in research and development, and is thoroughly committed  in studying new solution for this market. Cortese is leader in modernizing the textile industry, which for many years has depended on obsolete technology and equipment.

Market position

Being on forefront in technological research and thanks to its great flexibility, Cortese quickly defeat the tough  competition of the Japanese and German companies that have existed in the market for some decades. This is the main reason why exports represent more or less 80% of the sales in over 60 countries. On the other hand, the company relies on sales in its domestic market, which is important and constant.


Our main mission consist in finding today market needs and also be ready in advance for the future. This target can only be reached following a hard  selection in human resources, in order to finalized  and encouraging the individual initiative, to be ready for the future unexpected requests.


Our company it’s an high qualified team with  motivation and top skill. Together with high quality tools and top financing  support achieving excellencies in productivity and sales in all textile fields.

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