Cortese - Automatic Machine for Textile Industry

84916FT: the innovative boarding machine

849 16F is the most innovative boarding machine in the world. It allows for the longest treatment time in the steam chamber, while running on a shorter machine cycle.



Cortese 849 16FT is equipped with a steam chamber (enough for up to 3 bar pressure), with the possibility to have a second steam chamber in line. The 849 16 FT has an automatic special stripping belt that presses and holds the product.


  • Automatic loading robot with transparent forms for pantyhose inspection.
  • 16 pairs of forms on skater pallets
  • Electric warm air chamber
  • Automatic stripping unit (foot shape forms and straight forms)
  • Exit moving belt with carousel. Otherwise the machine can be connected with an automatic packing line
  • On-board computer
  • Pantyhose tensioning device


The 849 is able to process tubular form, full shape, and straight form textiles without the need for any manual adjustment: the only thing required from the operator is to change the pallet!

This innovative machine features fully mechanic equipment: rule movements and pushers without air cylinders, which translates in long machine lifetime and low, simple maintenance.

No chain, no timing belts, and no air!


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